Agreement Review

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Contract review is an important step to ensure that there are less contract disputes in the future. When a contract dispute arises, the first thing that the courts look at is the language of the contract itself. If a problem were to arise, both parties can refer to the contract and pinpoint what is expected of them. A clearly-written and easily-understood contract can reduce confusion between the parties. However, if a contract is not written clearly, legal issues may arise. Thus, it is important to thoroughly review or have an attorney perform a complete review of any contract, before you sign it.


Document requirement for Agreement Review Both parties:

  1. Address proof (Aadar/PAN/Voter/Passport)
  2. Pont to be consider for concern.
  3. Business information
  4. Investigation and validation
  5. Investigation and validation


Agreement Review about 2-3 working days.


The draft contract is written up by the sellers conveyancer/solicitor and sent to the buyer and buyers conveyancer/solicitor.

Even though a handwritten agreement is enforceable, there are some things to consider to make sure that it will hold up in court. ... It can be printed or handwritten. It needs to be signed by the people making the agreement or representatives authorized to make the agreement on a company's behalf.

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