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Cheque is an important aspect of the financial system in different countries across the global. How does a cheque operate? To be specific, it is regarded as an important document which an individual, company or government can use to transact various amounts. Further, a cheque can be termed as a negotiable document to transport money in a physical form or to execute inter-account transfer. A situation of cheque bounce is basically a term used to define the unsuccessful processing of a dispensed cheque due to several reasons. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) in the issuer’s account is one of the primary reasons for a bounced cheque. The banks return or dishonour the cheques, also known as rubber checks, in addition to imposing a particular charge. Further, the passing of bad cheques can be illegal, and this crime can be aggravated depending on the amount and whether this action involves crossing state boundaries.


Documents requirment for check bounce:

  1. Original cheque and return memo.
  2. Copy of notice and original postal receipts.
  3. Evidence affidavit.


Check Bounce about 2-3 working days.


It is important to know that bank fee is only a single aspect in case of a cheque bounce. In several cases, the beneficiary/payee also measures a charge. For example, if in a situation a person writes a check to the electronic store and the check bounces, then the store may reserve the right to redeposit that cheque along with a bounced cheque fee. Further, negative reports with financial bureaus can make it difficult for consumers to open savings and current accounts in the future.

A bounced cheque can surely hamper your financial credit history. A single cheque bounce scenario can shake your CIBIL score irreparably to such a level that you can be deprived of a loan. Hence, the smartest way to keep your CIBIL score active is to make sure your cheques are never defiled and your account possesses sufficient balance.

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