Company Name Change

The name of a private limited company may have to be changed for a number of reasons including change of objective of the business, change of management, rebranding, etc., The name of a private limited company can be changed at anytime with the approval of the shareholders and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). In this article, we look at the procedure for private limited company name change. The name adopted by a private limited company during incorporation can be changed later. To change the name of a private limited company, the consent of the shareholders through a special resolution and MCA approval are required. The change of name of a private limited company has no impact on its legal entity or its existence as a corporate entity. The change of name of a company will not create a new company or new entity. Therefore, the change of company name shall NOT:

Procedure for Private Limited Company Name Change

  1. Board Resolution
  2. Check Company Name Availability
  3. Pass Special Resolution for Company Name Change
  4. Application for approval of Company Name Change
  5. Issuance of New Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Make Changes to MOA and AOA


Document Required for Compnay Name Change:

  1. Icorporation Certificate
  2. Rent Agrrement and Electricity Bill
  3. Authorised Director DSC
  4. Board Resolution


Company name change takes around 10-15 waorking days.

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