CPWD Registration

Central Public Works Department, a joined office of the Ministry of Housing and City Affairs is a Principal Engineering Organization of Government of India, which gives administrations from venture idea to fruition and support the board in the post-development organize. CPWD is a complete Service Provider, equipped for giving a solitary window administration for all aspects of the fabricated condition with complete responsibility and obligation. CPWD is an association with a huge bank of Engineering, Architectural and Cultivation HR, which renders the most exhaustive administrations in the field of arranging, planning, development and support the board for all Building and Infrastructure ventures with Total Quality Assurance. CPWD handles a wide scope of tasks relating to Housing, Office space, Clinics, Educational Institutions, Roads, National Highways, Bridges, Flyovers, Airports, Tourism and Culture, Environmental and other utility administrations. It likewise executes Border Fencing, Floodlighting and Road extend in a troublesome landscape under threatening conditions along our fringes. CPWD works through a wide system accessible container India through districts, sub-districts, zones, circles, divisions, subdivisions, and segments. Divisions are the primary executing units of the Department. Push has been given to execute significantly and time-bound extends in an undertaking mode to address the particular prerequisites of the customers and to give selective consideration to the ventures. The exercises of the CPWD have become consistent throughout the years. The division has taken an interest effectively in the national improvement process and has added to essentially all segments of improvement. It has had the option to keep up itself in a strong condition of wellbeing and keep on adding to the improvement of the Nation in an exceptionally huge way.
Significant Functions of CPWD are Construction and Maintenance.
Development works are of different sorts: for example Structures of different sorts - Residential, Office, Schools, Laboratories, Hospitals, Stadia, Gymnasia and Auditoria, Storages and so on and non-Building Infrastructure works - parkways, flyovers, burrows, spans, breakwaters, sports offices, outskirt fencing, air terminals, runways, and so on. CPWD keeps up a huge structure supply of General Pool private settlement and Central Government Buildings. The estimated number of General Pool private units kept up by CPWD is more than one lakh fifty thousand units and the General Pool office region kept up by CPWD is more than 22 lakhs square meters. CPWD is additionally associated with the release of other numerous capacities, for example, Specialized Guidance to Government, Custody of Estates, Valuation, Rent Assessment, Institutionalization and Benchmarking of development exercises through the issue of Timetable of Rates, Specifications, and so forth., handling of DPRs for Border Works and different services for halfway financed works. CPWD additionally aids sorting out Public and Ceremonial Functions, and upkeep of Historical and Significant Monuments, Structures, and Samadhis, and so on.

Document Required for CPWD:

(i) Bills Register
(ii) Contractor's record
(iii Register of work
(iv) Materials Account
(v) Cash Book

Process of CPWD registration:

  • Assemble all the necessary records. Guarantee that you have the total records to have a quicker endorsement.
  • On the off chance that the candidate can't show up face to face for the application, a relative may take over for the benefit of the candidate. The agent must present an approval letter marked by the PWD candidate.
  • After the check of submitted archives, the structures will be sent to the wellbeing focus close to your region. The named official will round out an accreditation frame and will enter the submitted information to the Philippine Registry for PWD.
  • At that point, the PWD candidate must present the authentication of incapacity and endorsed application structure to the closest office of Social Welfare, NCDA, or DSWD for the genuine issuance of ID. This ordinarily takes just a couple of moments to be given.


The Full type of PWD is the Public Works Department. PWD is an administrative division in India that is liable for the development and support of open frameworks like an open government building, streets, spans, open vehicles, drinking water frameworks and substantially more.

Focal Public Works Department, Government of India. CPWD appeared in July 1854 when Lord Dalhousie set up a focal organization for execution of open works and set up Ajmer Provincial Division.

Open Work Department (B&R) and Project Implementation Unit (PWD PIU) is the head office of Government of Madhya Pradesh occupied with Planning, Designing, Construction and Maintenance of Government resources like Roads, Bridges, ROB''s, Fly Overs, and Buildings.

:-All Spl. DGs.
:-All ADGs
:-All Chief Engineers
:-All SEs in field Circles.
:-All EEs in the Field Division.
:- Any other official can be made with the authorization of DDG

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